NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: We’re Still Here… And So is Kolb (For Now)

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back!

Yes, I know, it looked as if we dropped off the face of Andy Reid’s belt buckle, but fear not faithful Fire The Walrus Nation (all two of you)… we are alive and well(*).

(*)Full disclosure: the recent hiatus can be blamed in part to a busy work schedule (yes, real work), a lapse in anything Eagles-related actually happening and a closet basketball obsession. Oh, not to mention this whole messy lockout business.

But lockout be damned, the anti-Andy Reid movement must continue onward.

And speaking of moving on…. Let’s talk about Kevin Kolb for a moment.

There were more than a few rumblings last week that the Eagles have already had discussions with teams – primarily those that preside in the UFL NFC West – about Kolb’s availability (as if that was in question), even going so far as to suggest that Andy Reid has a deal in place for a first round pick.

That sound you heard was Kevin Kolb’s trade value crashing through the NovaCare Complex floor.

Didn’t the Eagles learn anything from last year’s Quarterback Trade Quagmire? Every team in the league knew the birds wanted to trade Vick last offseason, which subsequently killed any value he had. They demanded a second-round pick and no one was willing to give them a third, leaving the team stuck with Vick – though fortunately so. Well what happens if they can’t get more than a second rounder for Kolb (which seemed to be the general consensus a few months ago)?

Apparently things have changed, as reported earlier today that the Eagles won’t have a problem getting a first round pick – the problem is the money Kolb is looking for… something on par with Matt Schaub’s contract. And let’s not forget what the Falcons got for Schaub (coincidentally, Vick’s backup at the time): they flipped first round picks with the Texans and received two second round picks.

Most likely due to this year’s lackluster Quarterback draft class, I guess teams are desperate enough for a QB that a first round pick isn’t a deal breaker. And why not take a flier on a guy that could be the next Aaron Rogers.

As it stands now though, with no new CBA, Kolb cannot be moved… leaving the Eagles with two options:

  • Trade Kolb for a 2012 draft pick
  • Keep Kolb as a back-up

If the team does trade him for a pick next year, Mike Kafka becomes the default backup to Mike Vick… unless the Eagles sign a veteran back-up. And who could they get, you might ask? Well 97.5 The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli floated the possibility of bringing back one Donovon McNabb… as a back-up… to Michael Vick.

I’d say the chances of that happening are as good as me becoming a Cowboys fan. Besides, with the news today of (yet another) Chad Pennington season-ending surgery, some team will be dumb enough willing to bring McNabb in for a look.

If the team keeps Kolb as Vick’s back-up, it will play out in one of two ways:

  • He stays for the year then walks away in Free Agency leaving the Eagles with nothing to show from first four rounds of the 2007 draft.
  • He stays for the year, the Eagles let Vick walk next offseason, and Kolb is (once again) named the teams’ starter.

Would Kolb be willing to wait another year for his shot at starting in midnight green? Would Eagles fans put up with another coronation of Kolb as starter?

The bottom line is that the Eagles HAVE to trade Kolb now, even if the result is a future draft pick. It’s amazing… the team gave away a first round pick to get him, now they need to get one back to reverse the damage. Kevin Kolb – the gift that keeps on giving!

Just another reason to Fire The Walrus.

It’s good to be back!

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