Desean Jackson: A Depreciation

Before the 2011 NFL season got underway – hell even before the 2011 NFL lockout got underway – we were screaming for the Eagles to pay Desean Jackson. He deserved more than the $600,000 he was schedule to make this season.

Now though, Desean’s not worth $6,000…

Has there ever been a player in a contract year – in any sport – that performed at a level so detrimental to his next contract? What Desean has accomplished in the last three weeks is simply unthinkable! Week after week, Jackson is not only costing himself money, but the support of a fan base that once absolutely adored him and, most importantly, any potential suitors that were thinking about giving him real money.

Seriously, who wants a guy that does insanely stupid things like: draw unthinkable taunting penalties, spike a ball before entering the end zone, alligator-arm touchdown passes, stop running routes, be an asshole to the media(*)? Does Desean have one redeemable quality, outside of his speed? We certainly can’t find one.

(*)This is his latest schmucky move. Here’s video of Desean’s “talking” to the media following the debacle in Seattle.

Let’s not be mistaken… Desean will get paid by someone. Handsomely, even. But man, will they be in for a rude awakening when they realize all they’re paying for is a guy who can run past everyone else.

He’s not a good possession receiver. He’s not a good route runner. Hell, he’s not even a good teammate or person.

Desean will be paid premium dollars to be a team’s top Receiver, yet he’s only suited to be a deep threat and the best aspect of his game is returning punts (he’s ranked 8th among active players for yards per return and second for touchdowns). Does that equate to Andre Johnson/Calvin Johnson money? Hell no.

The most amazing thing about Desean’s 2011 season is that he accomplished something no one ever thought would be possible… setting the franchise record for wearing out his welcome in Philadelphia, surpassing the infamous Terrell Owens. Desean went to Deshit faster than TO went from messiah to driveway sit-ups. Simply incredible!

We hope Desean was paying attention to Vince Young last night – though we know he wasn’t, considering cameras showed him staring off into space while Young was trying to talk to him on the sideline… As bad as he was, VY was at trying to perform well to secure a contract for next season. He failed miserably, but at least we saw his emotions and frustration as kneeled on the sideline following his fourth quarter pick-six. He was downtrodden and upset with his performance and knew he had hurt his chances of ever starting again in the NFL. No matter what you think of the guy, you can’t take away the fact that he didn’t quit – which can’t be said for any other Eagle – and that will be our lasting image of him.

Our lasting image of Desean? Not the greatest punt return in team historybut a selfish, childish, immature punk.

Take the money and run, Desean. Because that’s all you’re capable of doing.

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