The Walrus Speaks: A Programming Note

Due to a horribly timed scheduling conflict, we will be unable to provide running commentary on The Walrus’ much anticipated heavy-breathing exercise press conference until later today.

But fear not, Fire The Walrus-nation! There will be an angry, infuriated, expletive-laden recap of all The Walrus’ passive-aggressive jerking around of the local media. Expect it to drop sometime this evening.

While you wait for the hate, we very much encourage you to read Philadelphia’s own Chris Ryan of, as he reps his hometown on a national stage with the very appropriately titled, “Tupac Juan Castillo Back!”

We’re not the only one’s who are mad… Chris just writes it more eloquently and less ramble-ly! Enjoy!

We’ll be back and as pissed off as ever later today.

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