Replacement Refocalypse

Could you imagine if the Eagles were the team being completely screwed over by the replacement refs?! What would have happened if that was the Eagles losing on a last second controversial call – that was CLEARLY and interception – instead of the Packers?

Obviously, Mayfair, Manayunk, Center City, and large parts of South, West and surrounding areas of Philadelphia would be in complete rubble and ash this morning. People would be wandering the streets in torn and tattered, blood-stained clothes, rambling incoherently about Wayne Elliot(*).

(*)You know, as opposed to all the homeless wandering the streets in torn and tattered, blood-stained clothes, rambling incoherently…

It’s a good thing this happened to a lethargic, overweight, easygoing area like Wisconsin. They can suppress their anger with BBQ and cheese curds… We’d be out for blood. And rightfully so.

This replacement ref issue is about as ridiculous and short-sighted as Jeffrey Lurie’s continued infatuation with Andy Reid. The NFL PRINTS billions and billions of dollars, why let something like $20-50 million affect the integrity of the game and season?

We encourage you to read Grantland’s Bill Barnwell gives a spectacular take on what we’re calling “Replacement Refocalypse,” which culminated in last night’s clusterfuck of an ending in Seattle.

Fire The Replacements. Fire The Dictator Commissioner. And, as always, Fire The Walrus.

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