Andy’s Last Stand: Vick For Nick?

You know how we started counting down the final days of the Andy Reid-era? You know how we love having our opinions confirmed by smart football people?

Well, then you should absolutely read (oft-recommended) Bill Barnwell – of – and his recent take on Andy’s remaining days in Philadelphia. Barnwell’s piece “Winter Is Coming To Philly,” runs back many of the Eagles’ issues – issues that we have been documenting for weeks years – and why it’s time for The Walrus to finally dive back into that salty sea water from whence we came.

The Juan Castillo disaster, Nnamdi Toastmugha and the secondary that scares absolutely no one, the Michael Vick problem, the lack of line play on both sides of the ball, the undisciplined sloppiness and stupidity… We’re not the only ones picking at The Walrus’ blemishes. These are MAJOR, glaring issues that cannot be easily fixed, and shouldn’t be fixed by the current regime. The Philadelphia Eagles need a complete and total overhaul… From personnel to coaching to philosophy and attitude.

And Barnwell hits on the most important point of all… After jettisoning Castillo and placing all of the Defensive blame on his former Offensive Line Coach, Andy has only ONE more card to play. Benching Vick for rookie Nick Foles. It’s his last and final move before the entire house of cards collapses on him.

Yesterday, reports started surfacing that the move was made(*). But multiple conflicting reports, as well as (egregious) soundbites from players(**), have made it apparent that Vickhead is still the Eagles Quarterback. So, there’s that.

(*)But of course, those reports came from Eagles’ “sideline reporter”/Walrus-lapdog Howard “Burger King” Eskin. So… Take THAT with the smallest grain of salt.

(**)Look, we realize DeSean is going to stick up for his QB, but saying that Vick is still elite? Really?! Come on DeSean… You’re definitely somewhat maybe smarter than that.

We’re conflicted. On one hand, we can’t stand the thought of having to watch Vick run around like a chicken with its head off while launching insane, unfathomable passes and taking hit after hit after hit.

But on the other hand… Nick Foles is a lose/lose/lose situation for Eagles fans. Either he’s really bad and we’re right back to where we started with Vick(***); he’s an inconsistent mess-of-a-rookie QB with flashes of ability, which means we’ll have to suffer through a year-and-a-half of a mediocre signal-caller who will, at best, be a journeyman QB; or he’s really good, takes the Eagles on a run to the playoffs and convinces Lurie to give Reid a two-year contract extension.

(***)Or Trent Edwards… Yikes.

We’re TERRIFIED of that last scenario! But, we’re pretty confident that Foles is destined to be a career-backup Quarterback, who’ll bounce around the league for the next decade.

So, where does that leave the Eagles right now? With Vick. Until its not.

If the Eagles fall to New Orleans for their fourth straight loss, and Vick can’t take advantage of the (currently) single-worst Defense in the NFL… You better believe we will see Nick Foles under center.

And when that time comes, we’ll be holding our breath.

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