This Is The End

This is the end
Fat ugly friend
This is the end
My Walrus friend, the end

This is it! We’re finally here! The end of this putrid, never-ending shitshow of a season and, much more importantly, The Walrus’ last game as Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles(*).

(*)Unless Lurie kicks us all in the teeth.

According to league sources, Reid has even begun to piece a coaching staff together for his next move! And while some sources have Reid destined for sunny San Diego, others have him on the outside looking in when it comes to a job in 2013. Or even better… Jacksonville(**)!

(**)Where we know Douchebag Babin will be THRILLED to be reunited with the Stalin-esque Walrus!

All we know, is that this is it. This is the end! And all we can hear this morning is the sweet, haunting sounds of Jim Morrison’s voice:

Dead Walrus Walking Swimming Floating.

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