Whisker Wednesday Poll

Whisker Wednesday continues with the Whisker Wednesday Poll:

Which Super Bowl-winning “Free Agent” Head Coach Would You Want To Replace The Walrus?

Personally… I’d go with an up-and-coming coordinator or someone from the Ryan family.

But, if forced to go with one of these guys… I’m a Chucky fan. Gruden is a great gameday coach, makes adjustments, his players love him and he always had his teams prepared (I refuse to talk about one of those games, in particular). He’s also a great judge of talent – although, if you’ve listened to him these past two years on Monday Night Football, you’d know that every player in the league is a great guy with a great motor.

Cowher would definitely be intriguing, but let’s not forget how long it took him to get over the hump – and he had some great teams over the years. Whose to say he’d be able to recreate the ideal situation he had in Pittsburgh, with a phenomenal supporting cast of coaches around him (Dick LeBeau, Mike Tomlin, Ken Whisenhunt to name a few) and a constant influx of talented players (essepcially on defense)? Dungy falls into a similar category, as he also struggled to break through and win a championship, but then fell into Peyton Manning’s lap and may as well have coached from home.

As for Billick, well let’s just say that the only difference between him and The Walrus is a Super Bowl win… Which can be credited to the Ravens’ defense and only to the Ravens’ defense, which Billick didn’t have a hand in. He was considered to be an “Offensive Genius” – his Super Bowl-winning offense ranked 16th overall – meanwhile, the number one defense (maybe of all-time) was led by four currentHead Coaches: Marvin Lewis, Bengals (Coordinator); Mike Smith, Falcons (Defensive Assistant Coach); Jack Del Rio, Jaguars (Linebackers Coach); and Rex Ryan, Jets (Defensive Line Coach). Brian Billick is the Drunk Uncle to Andy Reid’s Walrus.

Parcells’ Man Boobs scare the shit out of me.

Got a Head Coach you’d rather see than any of these? Leave them in the comments.

Coming soon… Time’s Yours Tuesday!

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