Apparently Mike Vick Didn’t Follow The Eagles While He Was In Leavenworth

Michael Vick hates

Has he actually visited this very space? Not likely(*). But Vick is clearly hearing the Andy Reid-tinted vitriol coming from the fans and media, alike. And he doesn’t think it’s fair.

(*)Though we have tweeted him a few times… so you never know.

According to Vick – via CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank (and every other Eagles beat writer on Twitter):

“I know it’s not Coach’s fault. It’s not Coach’s fault. Coach can’t go out and hold onto the ball. Coach can’t throw the ball down the field. Can’t go out there and do it, he can only give us what we need.”

Vick isn’t wrong. Walrus Coach can’t go out there and do it(**). But that’s where Vick is missing the point.

(**)Mostly because his heart would likely explode from the physical activity…

The fans, for the most part, know what Vick couldn’t possibly know. It’s not so much the play on the field, per se, but the fact that there is little difference between the play on the field this season from any other year in the Reid-led Eagles. At least since 2004. While Vick was serving his time in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, the Eagles couldn’t tackle, couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t stop Tight Ends, couldn’t run in short yardage situations, couldn’t understand clock management, etc.

Clearly, they don’t get Eagles games in Leavenworth, Kansas.

It doesn’t have to do with the fact that they’re 1-4 – though that only exasperates the situation and garners the media attention that’s FINALLY making this a story – but the fact that they’re 1-4 because of the same old Andy Reid rhetoric. Nothing has changed in 13 years. And that’d be fine if he’s won a championship. But he hasn’t.

That’s what Michael Vick needs to learn. No matter how poorly the team plays on the field – and individual players DO get called out by fans (see: Page, Jarrad) – Andy Reid is the lightening rod for the fans’ wrath. And that’s one BIG lightening rod.

How about we try this, Michael: Let’s get a new Head Coach, and if you guys still fail to score in the Red Zone, fail to get a play off with :08 seconds left in the half and fail to win games when you lead by 20 in the third quarter… well, then we’ll put the blame fully on you. How’s that sound?

Honestly though, if you don’t want to hear the fans complain there’s a simple solution to that: Win!

Oh, and Michael… It’s still a little early for you to start getting under people’s skin. We haven’t forgotten why you ended up in Leavenworth in the first place. Nor will we.


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