Walrus Droppings: Ugly Wins, Uglier Trades

A win is a win is a win… right?

We’ve been in a good mood this week, primarily due to the fact that we didn’t wake up Monday morning to a 1-5 Eagles team. Are we happy with the way the Birds played? Of course not! The second 30 minutes versus the Redskins was not an easy thing to watch – what with the Eagles doing everything in their power to give that game away.

Would they have won if Rex Grossman didn’t revert back to Rex Grossman? Could they have held on to their lead if Vinnie Young had to finish out the afternoon? Probably not. And that says a lot.

But we’re not going to pile on the team (or The Walrus) for ekeing out a win, particularly a division win, that they desperately needed. As ugly and stressful as it was, they won, and even an ugly win can spark the turnaround for a season.

And we fully expect the team to go on a small winning streak, get their record above .500, and trick the media – more national than local – into thinking Andy Reid is good at his job. It’s a yearly October-November tradition in Philadelphia!

As for the Ronnie Brown-Jerome Harrison non-trade? Who cares. Midseadon trades in the NFL – particularly meaningless trades for back-up Running Backs that get negated due to failed physicals – don’t tend to work out(*). Though we won’t lie… We were very exited with the prospect of Asante Samuel taking his “talents” elsewhere.

(*)Just ask Raiders fans…

Oh well. Maybe The Walrus should have put a little more thought into his free agency free-for-all – rather then treat free agency like his own personal Golden Corral buffet.

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