Happy Holidays Fire The Walrus Nation

As much as we want to remark on all the great, or not-so great, things that have happened to our beloved football team over the last few weeks – Shady solidifying himself as one of the greatest Eagles Running Backs of all time (great!); Jason Babin potentially breaking Reggie White’s single season sack record (not-so great!)(*); Fredo Matthews playing actual football (sort-of great!); Christina Lurie selling a sitcom to NBC (not-so great and incredibly annoying!) – we’d rather take this time to wish all of Fire The Walrus Nation, and all Eagles fans everywhere, happy holidays and a healthy New Years!

(*)We are happy to see Babin excel at what he’s paid to do and lead the league in sacks… But NO ONE deserves to break Reggie White’s team record.

Ready to open your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza present?

Well, guess what…

It’s another year of Andy Reid!

Yup, happy holidays indeed!

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