The Day After: The Walrus Talks Turnovers, Inevitably Mentions Pie

Oh Andy… We love when you lob us a softball, but this is up there with the time you mentioned sandwiches! Or the one where you talked about ham! Oh and don’t forget about the time Les Bowen asked you about the team’s gameplan for Dallas and you gave an eighteen-and-a-half minute dissertation on how Krispy Kreme should give the Philadelphia market another try(*)? Man, you really love to use food analogies…

(*)This may or may not have happened.

If you haven’t seen/heard The Walrus’ morning after patronizing coach-speak press conference, Andy defended Vick and his quartet of colossal fuck-ups and put the blame on his own shoulders and blah blah blah blah blah. You know how it went, they’re all the same. The only thing of note was this gem from Reid, via

“Offensively, turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. You just can’t have those and I would say that we didn’t play as disciplined offensively as we needed to all the way around. I know Michael took the blame yesterday, [but] it’s not a one-man show. That’s not what it is. Everybody had a piece of this pie starting with me and the coaches.”

Sorry Andy, but “turnover” isn’t like “Beetlejuice”… When you say it three times, a pastry doesn’t show up.

No mention of why his gameplan consisted of twice as many passing plays than runs, when the Browns’ front seven couldn’t stop Billy Ray Valentine from getting to the secondary?! Sure, Vick throwing four interceptions is Andy’s fault… when you consider that the Browns’ gave up 147 yards per carry in 2011 and Reid called for Vick to drop back to pass 56 times yesterday.

Was this post just an excuse to make fun of The Walrus for innocuously mentioning food? You betcha!

Meanwhile, the Eagles are now 7-7 in opening games under Andy Reid… yet undefeated following a bye week. Why is it that The Walrus can’t prepare his team over the course of an entire offseason – the team looks rusty and out of sync and penalty-inclined the first week of every season, without fail – yet is perfect with one week to prepare? Does this make sense to anyone?

And if you’re watching/watched this Monday Night Game between Baltimore and Cincinnati, how worried are you for next week’s game? The Ravens look really good. And there’s something about their tenacious, ageless Defense that just SCREAMS Vick injury. Just sayin’…

Now somebody get The Walrus some pie!

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