Programming Alert (Now With Audio!)

Greetings Fire The Walrus Nation! We hope you are all safe and dry following Hurricane SAndy.

Today’s usual programming – Whisker Wednesday – will be interrupted. While we want to examine Michael Vick’s odd postgame presser from Sunday, where he more-or-less benched himself – in what Ray Didinger perfectly described as a concession speech)(*) – but we’re currently working on something special for you.

(*)Check out Ray’s piece. Great, as always!
Keep an eye out over the next few days, as we will be bringing you a special series of posts.
Until then though, check us out tomorrow night (Thursday, November 1) LIVE on Danger-Radio! We’ll be discussing The Walrus, his absurd stubbornness, the impetus behind Fire The Walrus, what the future holds for both the team and the site, and much, much more. Tune in tomorrow at 9 pm (and call in to express your own opinions) at
Happy Halloween! And if anyone is brave enough to dress up like our favorite Walrus, please send pictures to!
UPDATE: Listen to last night’s Danger-Radio episode here(*) – it will also be available on iTunes in a few days – our interview starts about 10 minutes in, where we discuss the majesty of the Vet, Lurie’s bottom line, Andy’s stubbornness, why we take the Eagles so personally and Mormon leaders(**). Big thanks to TR, Greg and sit-in guest Damon for a fun time and some free publicity!
(*) Just an FYI, Danger-Radio is not a sports show and is not safe for anyone under whatever age cursing and sexually-explicit material is frowned upon.
(**) Once again – and we can’t stress this enough – politics and religion have nothing to do with this site and won’t ever be discussed here… Not Andy’s, not ours, not yours. We’re all here for one common reason: We are Eagles fans. And we’re united under Kelly Green and the hatred of Andy Reid, no matter what our race, ethnicity or creed. Hey, that rhymed!

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