NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: Trotter Sacks Babin

Earlier this week, Eagles’ Defensive End Jason Babin lashed out at fans for ‘vile’ chants during last week’s home loss to the Lions. Why didn’t we mention it? Honestly… we didn’t care.

Well, that’s not entirely true. When we first read Babin’s comments, we were definitely angry. As we mentioned last year around this time, when Casey Fredo Matthews took offense to the intense passion of Eagles fans, players who don’t understand what this team means to us need to keep their mouth’s shut. Don’t take your frustrations out on us. Don’t show us that we’re under your skin. And don’t EVER tell us what we can and cannot say about OUR football team. You are paid by an organization that exists for the sole purpose of us, the fans(*). You are a mercenary; just a body filling laundry we support monetarily and emotionally. Know your role.

(*)And, admittedly, The Billionaire’s bottom line.

But, why run off another angry, vile-filled rant at a schmuck like Jason Babin, when a former All-Pro Linebacker and fan favorite like Jeremiah Trotter can do it for us! Take it away, Trot (via 97.5 The Fanatic):

“Dude, get a grip, this is football. You’re a man. Why are you worried about what people say anyway? I understand that players have feelings, but you’re a man. You’re playing a gladiator sport, and you’re running around worried about what fans are talking about? Even if I did feel a certain way you would never hear me say it because number one, you are showing your weakness right there. You’re playing a gladiator sport, dude. Go play ball.

“When I hear some of this talk man it really, really pisses me off, because you’re focused on the wrong thing. You should be focusing this week on the Saints, not focusing on what the fans are saying, or putting things on Twitter saying this or that. Come on, dude. Go out and win some games. Let the fans do what they’re gonna do. Fans are still going to be fans, and they have every right to boo you if you don’t go out and put a good product on the field.”

Fuck, we miss having this guy on our Defense. And Babin NEEDS to listen to him.

Trotter, who along with Brian Dawkins and Hugh Douglas, made up the heart and soul of the Andy Reid Jim Johnson-era Eagles, knows what he’s talking about. He embraced Eagles fans from the moment he came to Philadelphia and forged a deep relationship with us. He understands why we’re so passionate and dedicated and (maybe sometimes) scarily obsessed with our football team.

On top of that, it pleases us to no end how he basically calls Babin out for being a pussy! “You’re playing a gladiator sport, dude,” is one of the greatest quotes, EVER! And it’s perfectly fitting for Babin.

Quick story: This past St. Patrick’s Day, we were at the same pub as Jason Babin, who was there with a group of his friends. They looked eerily similar to the crew that Hansel hung out with in Zoolander! Besides his oddball entourage though, there were three things we noted about Babin:

  1. He’s extremely small for a professional athlete. Sure, his arms are enormous and tatted up, but he’s really short and just looks like he lifts a lot. If you didn’t know who he was, you’d never think he was a football player. Incidentally, we didn’t see one person approach him for an autograph.
  2. He’s a total “bro.” You know, like a douche-y, fratguy bro(**). Like an “I’m-wearing-flip-flops-in-March” type of bro. Yes, he was wearing flip-flops.
  3. He seems like he doesn’t give a shit. Maybe it was the very Hansel-esque group he was with, or the fact that it was St. Patrick’s Day, but he seemed like he couldn’t care less about anything. Which makes sense when you read/hear his interviews or watch him play.

(**)Yes offense, douche-y, fratguy bros.

So, a huge Walrus-sized thank you to Trot for sticking up for Eagles fans and warrior-like football players, alike. We’ll always love number 54!

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