Welcome to Fire the Walrus

Welcome to Fire the Walrus, where we spout off on Andy Reid (The Walrus), Joe Banner (The Devil), Jeff Lurie (The Billionaire) and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles front office clusterfuck.

This is a place for Eagles fans – sick and tired and fed up with the living hell of a Groundhog Day that is the current Eagles regime – to air their grievances with Andy and the rest of the schmucks running our beloved Birds.

This is our offseason of discontent. The Billionaire, the Devil and the Walrus have hijacked our football seasons for long enough. We will not stand for it anymore.

Now obviously The Billionaire refuses to part ways with his best friend The Devil and their good buddy The Walrus – because, God forbid they take a tiny step back for a season or two and make $32 million instead of $35 million – but we can at least dream… And bash the hell out of them on the interwebs.

So welcome, enjoy, vent your frustration and share your misery with other Eagles die-hards. Lots to come, as there’s never enough Andy Reid hatred to go around. And as always, Go Birds!

Fire the Walrus

One Response to Welcome to Fire the Walrus

  1. Steve says:

    You go girl!!!!!!!!

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