Whisker Wednesday Poll

Winter Weather Warning Whisker Wednesday (Yeah alliteration!) continues with the Whisker Wednesday Poll: At this point, who should be hired to coach the Eagles’ Defense?

At this point? I would take Trgovac or Perry (but, as I said earlier today, I highly doubt Trgovac leaves Capers’ side), but that’s where the fascination with the “legendary” Mike Holmgren has to end. Seriously, Walrus, enough with the former Holmgren castoffs… The guy only won one Super Bowl, how is he such a beloved deity? Go outside the “Brotherhood of the Mustachioed Coaches” and cherry pick someone from Dick LeBeau or Rex Ryan’s stable.

Speaking of the Ryan family… I would take Buddy Ryan (at age 76), Buddy Ryan’s dog or Buddy Ryan’s third-cousin to remake the sorry Defense the Eagles have put out on the field the past two seasons. Watching the Championship games on Sunday was so frustrating. If the Eagles had any semblance of a real Defense in 2010 – and Vick doesn’t throw that awful underthrow to Cooper – who knows what this team could have done.

As for “Weekend at Bernies”-ing Jim Johnson… I don’t recommend it.

Got another suggestion for a Defensive Coordinator candidate? Leave them in the comments.

Coming soon… Flipper Friday!

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