NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: Lurie’s a Winner, Hell Doesn’t Freeze Over

Well it finally happened. Something Jeffrey Lurie was fiscally-involved in won a trophy… and I, for one, welcome the incoming apocalypse.

That sound you heard last night – immediately following the announcement that Inside Job, Lurie’s film, won the Best Documentary Feature award – was the Delaware Valley collectively rolling its eyes.

Seriously though, how much can we truly bitch and moan about this? Realistically, it doesn’t affect Eagles Nation one iota. This is simply another branch of Lurie’s billion-dollar fortune; another avenue for him to spend money in a braggadocios way.

It is, however, frustrating for Eagles fans. And rightfully so. We are starving for our owner to hoist a trophy named Vince, not Oscar(*). To have him win an award in an industry other than football is a complete slap in the face. Shouldn’t all of his attention and focus be on winning a Super Bowl, not an Academy Award?

(*)Thankfully Lurie did not appear on the Oscar telecast – especially with trophy in hand – as I’d be out shopping for a new TV right now.

Of course, he didn’t direct, write or star in the film. He was simply a money guy(**). But isn’t that the exact same role he plays with the Birds? Isn’t he the “Executive Producer” (if you will) of a team that hasn’t produced anything but box office numbers and increased revenue?

(**)Inside Job was produced by Lurie’s documentary film company, Screen Pass Pictures.

It’s nice that he has other interests and investments outside of the NFL, but Eagles fans made Jeffrey Lurie the billionaire that he is today… it’d be nice to get a return on our investment too. Instead, we remain the punching bag for all NFL franchises who have won a Super Bowl.

Lurie isn’t even the first owner in the Division to receive an Oscar. According to Forbes, New York Giants’ owner Steve Tisch was a producer on the 1994 Best Picture winner, Forrest Gump. The difference here, of course, is that at the time, Tisch had no connection to the NFL. He didn’t join the Giants until 2005.

Tisch does own the distinction of being the only person ever to have won an Oscar and a Super Bowl ring… a list that Lurie desperately needs to add his name to.

It took Lurie 11 films over 17 years to reach the pinnacle of the movie world. For some reason he expects the same strategy to apply to the NFL. Until then, we can all eagerly await the sequel to his award-winning film:

Inside Job Too: The story of Lurie’s money-first/championships-never crimes against Eagles fans.

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