NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: Vick’s Yes-So Breaking Ribs

Bring on the excuses!

According to multiple every news source, Vick’s ribs were broken on the second play of yesterday’s debacle game. He didn’t tell the coaching staff. Way to add injury to insult!

Look, Michael, we know you’re a warrior and are super competitive and everything, but seriously… if you knew your ribs were badly hurt (let alone broken) after the second play of the game, why wouldn’t you tell someone? It’s okay to take yourself out of the game, considering the Offense couldn’t have played much worse than it did with you(*).

(*)And yes, we too cringe at the thought of Vince Young…

Frankly, rib injury or not, that was the single worst game of Vick’s Eagle-career and any excuse, whether legitimate or not, is bullshit. No one wants to hear it. We’re embarrassed enough as it is as a collective fan base… we don’t need this sorry excuse for a team giving opposing fans even more ammunition.

At this point – and we can’t believe we’re saying this – we welcome Vick’s injury. Of course we don’t wish him actual pain(**), but an un healthy-Vick/Vince Young combo will certainly ensure more losing. And this team needs to lose as much as it can(***).

(**)Please note: This is not an invitation to elicit the dog fighting argument.

(***)Get ready for a four-game win streak and an 8-8 finish!

Also, King Dunlap suffered a concussion, yet no coaches knew about it until after the game. You know, ‘cause concussions aren’t a hot topic right now or anything.

Way to coach Andy… guess you need to “do a better job of that.”

To add even further insult (to our intelligence), read ESPN’s (formerly-Philadelphia Inquirer’s) Ashley Fox’s take on whether a losing season guarantees The Walrus’ ouster(****). Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Primarily due to Jeffrey Lurie’s propensity to go against the fan base’s wishes. Thanks Billionaire!

(****)And note that we’ve been saying the same thing. Unfortunately, 3-13 doesn’t guarantee Reid’s gone.

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