Recommended Reading: Ray Didinger Takes The Billionaire To Task

If you’re an Eagles die-hard(*), you already know that Ray Didinger is a walking, talking, breathing football encyclopedia. His brain may as well be the motherboard of NFL Archives. His knowledge, information and experience as a football writer/Eagles fan is unprecedented.

(*)And if you’re reading this, we assume you are…

R-Diddy is the Oracle of Football.

When he has something to say – and he often does – whether its on the air or in print, we read and we listen. And Ray has some strong words for one Jeffrey Lurie.

In his latest piece on, “Lurie’s Words, Inaction Don’t Add Up” Didinger takes The Billionaire to task for yesterday’s inane, offensive (to Eagles fans and people with IQs above 20) press conference, and shares the same line of thinking that we’ve been touting here on Fire The Walrus.

It’s a must-read for the FTW-lover/Lurie-hater in all of us! We know The Billionaire could care less what some blog says about him… but a Pro Football Hall of Fame writer? That’s another story. Like Andy Reid, those words carry weight.

We only hope that The Billionaire is intelligent enough to heed them… Or at the very least, acknowledge that one of the all-time pre-eminent football minds is calling him out for his outright cowardice.

When Ray Diddy calls bullshit, you better believe he knows what he’s talking about.

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