From “Gold Standard” To “Fool’s Gold”

In our blinding anger today(*), we missed a few key points/moments/incidents today that make our frustration level go off the charts…

(*)Not too mention the fact that today was the first day back at work from the holiday.

First of all – and thanks to friend-of-FTW Brian for pointing this out – The Billionaire, who once infamously claimed his franchise was the “Gold Standard”of the NFL, declared that the “strong” finish to the season was “Fool’s Gold.” We even had it quoted in our last post. How we missed this is beyond us(**), but the irony is delicious.

(**)Again, immense head-pounding anger will blind you to things.

To call anything the “Gold Standard” without it actually doing anything to obtain such a distinction is ludicrous – as well all know. Lurie DESERVED to have it blow up in his face. Clearly he didn’t think before he chose his words today.

As Sal Paolantonio points out on 97.5 The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli Show, The Billionaire isn’t just backtracking, he’s lowering the bar. The goal used to be to win the Super Bowl… according to Lurie, the goal is now to simply make the playoffs. Sal Pal and Mikey Miss also hit on another point: What qualifies as a success next season? What does this team need to accomplish to save The Walrus’ job? Because if you read between the lines, Andy’s team simply needs to be in the postseason.

Sal also reiterates something we said earlier. Lurie had to GO OUT OF HIS WAY to tell fans Reid is coming back. That’s how angry Eagles fans are.

And speaking of our anger… Evan Mathis. Oh, Evan Mathis. You had to go there didn’t you:

No Evan Mathis, you’re the idiot. It’s one thing for players to stick up for their coach(***). It’s a whole other thing to call fans idiots. Much like we said earlier this year about Fredo Matthews, you’ve been here for less than a year… SHUT UP!

(***)If you recall, Mathis was one of the players who angrily stepped to Sign Man earlier this year outside of the Novacare Complex (in the midst of our #OccupyNovacareComplex campaign) about his “Andy, The Times… To Go” sign.

Mathis even appeared – via phone – on CSN’s Daily News Live today to defend The Walrus, and credit to the DNL crew, they gave it right back to him(****). Michael Barkann sounds like a FTW-reader, backing the fans and our frustration with the fat man, Dick Jerardi sounds annoyed with The Walrus’ schtick… hell, even Ray Diddy gets in on the action!

(****)Sorry we can’t post the video, but please click the link and watch… It’s worth it!

Unfortunately, the video cuts out before the guys really get into it. They even go so far as to question Reid’s intelligence and that his arrogance is a cover for his ineptitude and the fact that he gets caught lying, like he has all the answers – a post for another day. We will link to video of the conversation when/if it’s posted.

Even more unfortunate? The fact that we are stuck with this owner, this coach and these imbecile players – though thankfully Mathis is a free agent… but he’ll likely be back.

Lastly, a programming note. Now that the offseason is here, we will finally get back to our running list of “Reasons to Fire The Walrus,” as there are still thousands to go… and the list just keeps on growing. We’ll also take a look at the impending moves that must should be probably won’t be made, like: What should happen at Defensive Coordinator – though our initial guess is that Juan returns (UGH!)? Why Steve Spagnuolo  should come back home. What to do with Desean… long story short, there’s a lot to talk about. And we’ll likely have much more to say about The Billionaire insulting our collective intelligence.

Thanks to Jeffrey Lurie, we’re off and running with the offseason. Also thanks to Jeffrey Lurie, we have a massive headache and murderous rage.

Fool’s Gold indeed, Jeffrey… Fool’s Gold indeed!

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