NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: The Billionaire’s “Anger” And “Frustration” Makes Us Angry and Frustrated

Make no mistake, The Billionaire, Jeffrey Lurie, had nothing even remotely “news-worthy” or “important” to say at his press conference today.

Telling Eagles fans that The Walrus will return to “coach” his 14th season was expected. Did anybody really anticipate Reid’s firing today? Sure we prayed for it before going to bed last night… but in no way, shape or form did we expect Lurie to do anything but defend the coach he pulled out of obesity obscurity a decade and a half ago.

What The Billionaire did do, however, was slap Eagles fans in the face…

From Reuben Frank’s piece on*):

Lurie opened his press conference by expressing his extreme disappointment with this season. He said his primary emotions were “anger” and “frustration.”

“This season was without question the most disappointing season since I owned the team,” Lurie said.

“It’s completely unacceptable to be 8-8.”

Lurie didn’t take much from the Eagles’ strong finish, saying they proved they “could dominate against teams that weren’t competitive” and calling it “fool’s gold.”

“To think there are any excuses for taking that long to come together is misplaced,” Lurie said.

(*)We were unable to watch today’s press conference, and probably should be thankful, as we would no longer own a TV that didn’t have a shoe embedded in the screen.

How dare The Billionaire tell us he’s angry and frustrated and disappointed and all his other brown-nosing bullshit, and then in the same breath say he wants to see the 2012 Eagles coached by Andy Reid?! Give us a break! Does Lurie seriously believe that we will take him for his word? Does he really think that Eagles fans are going: “Well, at least the owner agrees with us and won’t stand this anymore?”


Doesn’t the fact that he had to hold a damn press conference just to announce Reid’s return say it all…

Jeffrey Lurie thinks Eagles fans are idiots. He thinks we’re gullible rubes who will believe anything the rich ruler tells us to believe.

If you’re so angry and frustrated and disappointed, Jeffrey, than fucking do something about it. Fire the damn imbecile that pisses puts you in this embarrassing position. Fire the “leader” of the underachieving, overpaid “dream” that you went “all in” on. Stop telling us what you think we want to hear and listen to the chants raining down at your stadium.

The Billionaire did nothing today, but prove he is a pompous aristocrat, more worried about taking our money than fulfilling his promises of championships. Andy Reid’s track record doesn’t mean one thing to us anymore. It stopped meaning anything a long time ago.

Dear Jeffrey Lurie: We’re angry. We’re frustrated. You’re a disappointment. Fourteen seasons without a Super Bowl is unacceptable. To make any more excuses for Andy Reid is foolish.

We hope you sit on you Oscar.

Lots more to come… Yet another offseason of discontent and disenchantment is just getting underway.

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