The Walrus’ (Extra-Support) Seat Is Officially Hot

The firing of Juan Castillo was just the first domino to fall.

Surely, there are more to come… Will Vick be replaced by rookie Nick Foles? Will Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg finally be ousted? Will Andy hire a 12-year old Madden expert to handle the playcalling?

Anything’s possible… For this is uncharted territory for Andy Reid.

In his 14 years as Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Reid had never had his seat feel this warm. At no point, had owner Jeffrey Lurie given Reid an ultimatum to “win or else,” but that has finally changed this year. Andy is charged with improving this team and finishing better than 8-8. It’s not likely. And now, at 3-3 and with only 10 games left to prove his worth, Andy Reid is desperate.

It’s finally happening, Fire The Walrus Nation. We may finally get our long desired dream come true!

But back to the news at hand… From the moment Andy hired Todd Bowles to coach the Secondary, we knew this move would eventually come. Bowles was a Head Coaching candidate during the offseason and, unlike the now-gone Juan, he is more-than-qualified to man an entire Defensive unit. So, Andy purposely put this failsafe in place, knowing he had a mid-season scapegoat in Castillo, if needed.

Well, naturally, he needed him. And it’s a good thing he premeditated all this instead of, you know, hiring a real Defensive Coordinator like Todd Bowles in the offseason. Buddy forbid Andy would do anything right the first second time. And let’s not forget… Juan should NEVER have been given the job to begin with!

Again… It’s his arrogance that sets Andy Reid apart from everyone else and makes him the complete bane of our existence.

So, we’re one day into the bye week and already the Eagles have been shaken up. Something else will follow soon. Andy will do anything he can to right this ship and save his job.

Clearly, The Walrus isn’t a fan of the rising temperature in his water tank.

Still more to come later today…

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