Whisker Wednesday: Juan More Time

We’re still on wide cloud nine!

No, not because a good man in Juan Castillo lost his job… But because we’ve finally arrived at the beginning of the end for The Walrus. Firing Juan was the first wave of the white flag for Andy, a move drenched in desperation and panic(*).

(*)But it hasn’t deterred Juan. He still loves Andy and would take a bullet for him! Awwww… Queue “The Bodyguard” soundtrack!

Now, we’ve waxed poetic plenty about the mistake that was “Juan the Defensive Coordinator,” and now that the team has finally moved on, so can we… But not until you read today’s Daily News piece by Paul Domowitch, where he absolutely lambastes Andy and unearths the fact that The Billionaire was skeptical of the move from the jump. Domo takes it to Andy for his lack of loyalty, severe allergy to hiring Defensive Coordinators and the selfishness required to fire Juan in order to save his own job.

And Domo hits on one other major theme that we’ve mentioned, oh, once or twice:

Some people might call what Reid did Tuesday decisive. He is owning up to yet another mistake he made and is correcting it.

I call it looking for a scapegoat.

Sound familiar? That’s what the whole 2012 season has become for The Walrus… Who can he blame for his failures? Whose employment is less important than his? Who will fall on the grenade, so that bits of walrus don’t go flying over everyone else? Who’s next?

Andy Reid will do whatever it takes to keep his job… A job he wholeheartedly hasn’t deserved since 2007.

Now the Defense rests in the (very capable) hands of Todd Bowles, who claimed yesterday that he will be sticking with Jim Washburn’s Gaping Hole Defense Wide-9 Defense(**). So, when that inevitably fails, at least Andy can fire Washburn and say it was his fault.

(**)Bowles also claimed that Andy told him he was going with his gut… Andy’s gut also told him to eat that old egg salad sandwich and buy Facebook stock, so…

Or, Andy can bench Vick for the zero-experience, raw project that is Nick Foles. Look, we know a lot of you are calling for Nick Foles to take the reigns of this Offense(***)… but there are major consequences if that happens.

(***)Why? We have no idea. He was OK in the preseason… But he’s NOT the next Joe Montana.

If Foles is good and takes this team deep into the playoffs (highly unlikely), he buys Andy Reid two-to-three more years in Philadelphia. If Foles is bad, and Trent Edwards remains Trent Edwards, Vick is the ONLY option on the roster and the team will be forced to pay him his guaranteed bonus three days after the Super Bowl, rather then jettison him after the season like they should.

Nick Foles is a double-edged sword for Eagles fans. At this point, we’re better off having the team play out the season as is, finish somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7, and finally end this 15-year clusterfuck of insanity.

This team is CLEARLY NOT winning a Super Bowl this season. The only hope we have is the end of The Walrus’ reign, the end of our misery and the end of our football team’s perpetual mediocrity.

Yesterday was the first step in the right direction. The first step to firing The Walrus!

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