Whisker Wednesday Poll: Scapegoat 2.0

Now that Juan Cantcoachstillo is gone and left to his own devices – like sending love letters to his beloved Walrus – there must be an heir to the scapegoat throne.

Michael Vick seems like the obvious choice, but it’s very likely that Reid is stuck to ride him out for the remainder of the year. Marty Mornhinweg could certainly receive the blame for the Offense’s horrendous play and penchant for turnovers, but then the playcalling/performance falls solely on Andy’s cushion-y shoulders, and we all know he won’t put himself in the line of fire.

On Twitter this morning, we pontificated that Bobby April will be the next to get the axe, and that actually makes some sense, considering the Eagles’ Special Teams unit has been putrid the last two years. Currently, the Birds rank 25th overall in kick returns, averaging just 20.8 per return, and 30th in punt returns… with only 5.5 per return! And while the Eagles Offense averages one of the worst starting field positions in the league, the Special Teams have given up the fifth most kick return yards, the MOST punt returns (22) and the MOST punt return yards (272) in the NFL. The Eagles’ Special Teams are just that… Special.

So, you can obviously tell who we think should join Juan as an ex-Eagle(*), but we want to hear from you… Who is Andy Reid’s next scapegoat? Let us know what you think!

(*)You know, besides The Walrus.

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