Walrus Droppings: Cleaning Out The Weekly Notebook

While we await the Eagles sixth straight loss(*) and work on the next post in our 2012 Eagles Magical Mystery Coaching Tour series, we just wanted to note a few things that happened this week in the land of Walrusdom:

(*)Bitter much?

  • The Eagles brought in – gasp! – an ACTUAL Offensive Lineman, signing Jake Scott, formerly of the Colts and Titans. Scott spent four seasons with Howard Mudd, so we can expect him to step right in and provide new starter Nick Foles with some much needed protection. Unfortunately, he can only play one O-Line spot at a time, so we hope Foles has a good life insurance policy.
  • Offensive Coordinator/Bumbling Idiot Marty Mornhinweg defended the team’s limited use of its only good player, LeSean McCoy… Which is the equivalent of him defending his decision to kick the ball in sudden death overtime. Yeah, that happened. And you wonder why this guy is 5-27 lifetime as a Head Coach.
  • John Boruk of CSN Philly asks, “If Reid Goes, How Do The Eagles Fill His Other Job?” What other job is that, you may be asking… Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Boruk offers six candidates with strong NFL resumes for the job, but in keeping with his track record, Lurie is high on Adam Schwartzberg, a Central High School mathlete and self-described “football watcher.”
  • On 97.5 The Fanatic this week, Brian Baldinger – who we generally enjoy and respect – claimed the Eagles will win this week and score at least 28 points in the process, as the Redskins Defense is one of the worst in the league. Apparently Baldy didn’t watch the Monday Night game against the league’s WORST Defense a few weeks ago. Or maybe the pain in his finger is making him forget that the Eagles have yet to score more than 24 points all season.
  • In this Grantland piece – by The Sportstorialist, Wesley Morris – about the attire of NFL coaches(**), there’s a nice little mention of Andy’s “rusty walrus mustache.” We quite enjoyed that! There’s also this line: “Andy Reid is a coach who looks [like] he just doesn’t care.” We honestly couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

 (**)Journalism at its best, if you ask us.

  • Speaking of Grantland, Bill Barnwell posted a piece yesterday counting down the five worst passes (so far) of the 2012 NFL season…  And NOT ONE was a Michael Vick interception?! That’s really surprising, due to the extremely large sample size Barnwell had to choose from. Hell, even Nick Foles’ ludicrously gift-wrapped pass to Anthony Spencer last week (that was thankfully called back due to Morris Claiborne’s ineptitutde awesomeness) didn’t get a mention! We’re ashamed Barnwell. Very ashamed.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow and, of course, follow us on Twitter as we live tweet the Eagles-Redskins shitshow this Sunday. Can’t wait to finally see RGIII and the terror he will impose on this franchise for the next decade…

Hey, at least we’re not Jets fans!

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