The Day After: A Tale of Two (Bad) Coaching Decisions

Do we talk about Brent Celek’s hands of stone and the fact that he was responsible for yet ANOTHER interception? Do we talk about the disappearance of Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson and Foles’ reliance on Riley Cooper(*)? Do we talk about the Defense and how it allowed Robert Griffin III to be nearly invincible – 14 for 15, 200 yards, 4 TDs, no INTs, 84 rushing yards, numerous Houdini-esque escapes and a PERFECT QB rating(**)?

(*)Who finally looks like an actual NFL Wide Receiver.

(**)Now we know what Redskins fans felt like when Dramavan McNabb destroyed them on MNF way back when, and then when Vick did the same exactly two years ago to the day. We suppose this was some kind of karmic payback. Either way, the next decade is going to be a long one with RGIII in the division.

No. Let’s discuss the two worst coaching decisions in a game FILLED with awful judgment calls.

The first is a rehash of an identical situation that happened last week against the Cowboys. In back-to-back games now, the Eagles Defense made a big stop with less than two minutes remaining in the first half… And in back-to-back games, Andy Reid allowed precious time to tick away before realizing he could stop the clock. Did he simply assume he had already wasted all of his timeouts? Was he distracted dreaming about his halftime snack(s)? We’ll never know.

While Andy’s mismanagement of the clock is no surprise, it’s the decision he made next that’s inexplicable. With :44 seconds left and the ball deep in their own territory, you would think the Offense would simply take a knee and go into the half down 14-3. But no. Not an Andy Reid-coached team. For the second straight week, the Eagles lined up in the shotgun formation and ran a play when they had no business doing so… And OF COURSE LeSean McCoy fumbled the ball away. The Redskins kicked a field goal and the game was more or less over before the second half even started.

That sequence was simply demoralizing. And its totally inexcusable. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for the Eagles to run a play from their own 12-yard line with less than a minute left… Especially when the exact same situation blew up in their face ONE WEEK BEFORE! This is Andy Reid’s philosophy in a nutshell. He refuses to learn from his mistakes and he simply thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. And, as always, it proves detrimental to the team.

And then there’s the dipshit decision to have Shady run the ball with less than two minutes left in the game and the team trailing by 25 points. You know, the play that got the Eagles ONLY worthwhile player concussed and carted off the field.

In his press conference after the game, when asked why McCoy was even on the field at the time, Andy claimed he was trying to catch up and win the game… By running the ball… Down 25 points with less than two minutes to go… In a game that was so out of reach, three-quarters of Eagles fans had already turned off their TVs. Seriously?!

This is stubborn ignorance at its finest. Andy thinks we’re all stupid and will just eat the bullshit he feeds us. McCoy was in that game because the Eagles coaching staff doesn’t have a single clue about what they’re doing.

The Eagles called all of eight running plays for Shady in the first half, while mixing in a healthy dose of Bryce Brown… This coming three days after Offensive Coordinator/Complete Fucking Moron Marty Mornhinweg defended the team’s limited use of McCoy. So why – after not using him effectively when the game was still competitive – would they decide to run the ball when the game was already over? Why not give the rookie Brown some much needed reps? Well, it’s simple… They wanted to pad Shady’s stats and have the box score read like they are in deed giving him adequate touches.

This is utter fucking incompetence and it cost the team and its best player dearly. McCoy – the LONE bright spot on a team of darkness – is out for Buddy knows how long. And even worse, Andy now has a built in excuse to throw and throw and throw… Regardless of how inexperienced his Quarterback is or the fact that the Offensive Line is made out of papier-mâché(***).

(***)Did we mention Foles threw 46 passes yesterday?! In his first NFL start!

Andy Reid perpetually claims that he has to do a better job, but he never puts his team in a position to succeed. Instead he makes decisions that severely hinder the team’s success and make him look like what he is: A dumb fat Walrus.

If the team hadn’t quit on him before – and they certainly have – this is the straw that will break The Walrus’ back. Andy NEEDS to be held accountable for his dangerous and criminal use of LeSean McCoy… You don’t knowingly put your best player in harm’s way without any repercussions. Too bad the team’s owner has his head buried in the sand.

The 2012 Eagles are 3-7 because of a severe lack of talent… But also because there’s a severe lack of intelligence at the top.

And that’s just another reason why it’s time to Fire The Walrus.

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