We’re Mad As Hell And We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Our anger from last night has not subsided. In fact, it has only gotten worse.

We’re not really sure why last night’s game seemingly put us over the edge, but it did. You would think losing to the Cowboys or Redskins in such pathetic fashion would incite an undying rage, but for some reason, losing to a franchise that is completely meaningless seems more infuriating.

Maybe it’s the fact that the Panthers were 2-8 going into last night. Maybe it’s the fact that the Eagles seemingly took control of the game after allowing two blatantly undefended touchdowns, only to let it slip away moments later. Maybe it’s due to the wasted efforts of rookie Running Back Bryce Brown(*). Maybe we’re simply mad at ourselves for still caring so much, even though we want them to lose in order to get the coach fired and secure a high draft pick.

(*)For a team that has a complete lack of talent and an even worse approach to evaluating talent, they sure do have some good RBs. Why on Earth though did it take losing Shady for Andy to start running the ball? How does this make even one iota of sense?

Or maybe it has to do with the fact that this team has now lost seven straight…

Yep, there it is. SEVEN STRAIGHT LOSES. SEVEN (7)! This is insanity! Did you know – and by now, you probably do – that the Phillies have won more games than the Eagles since September? This is beyond disgraceful and embarrassing. This is a new low for Philadelphia sports. And we’ve seen our fair share of lowlights.

The players can say they’re mad – as Cullen Jenkins claims to be(**) – or sick over the whole thing (Celek)… but we’re going to call bullshit on that. If they’re so angry and so sick of losing, they’d fucking do something about it! Did you see Jenkins do anything to change the course of that game? Is he yelling at guys on the sideline and being the vocal leader he’s supposed to be? No! There are no leaders on this team. There is no one attempting to pull this squad out of the doldrums. There is NO heart.

(**)And really, how mad can a guy that repeatedly uses the word “golly” be?

And of course, there’s The Walrus. For a guy facing the chopping block, he really doesn’t seem to give a shit if his players play hard or not. No one has been benched, no changes have been made, no player on this team has been held accountable for their lack of effort. Forget the players quitting on their coach… The coach quit has on them. For all the times that bloated mammal has said the words “I need to do a better job,” has he ever actually made an attempt to do so? Does anyone see a difference in the way this team is being run now, then it was a month ago? A year ago?

We always knew Andy was inept at making in-game adjustments, but not changing one thing about this joke of a team is reason enough to kick his fat ass to the Pattison Avenue curb. We get that Jeffrey Lurie has no balls and “respects” Andy too much to fire him midseason… But come on! How much longer does this charade need to go on? Do we really need to watch this team lose 12 straight games before The Billionaire grows a pair and axes this guy? Does he have zero dignity?

How much more proof does Lurie need? Do the players need to just walk off the field mid-play? Does Andy literally have to drop his pants and take a 2012 Eagles on the field? Seriously, what needs to happen for Andy to lose his job?! This is sickening anymore.

So what can be done about it?

Besides one or two, we’ve been to every single game the Eagles have ever played in the Linc… And last night was by far the emptiest we’ve ever seen it! We’ve never even seen preseason games with such few people in the stands. Hell, we could almost fully see the Eagle in the upperdeck seats across from us! Here’s a picture we took five minutes before kickoff, when the stadium is typically at least 2/3 full:

The amount of no-shows were staggering. So at least that’s a start. But either way, Lurie’s getting his money, so it’s a moot point.

And here’s the thing… As season ticket holders, it would be hypocritical of us to tell people to stop giving Jeffrey Lurie money(***), and we’re not organized enough to put together a protest. But something must be done. We need to show the schmucks that run this franchise that we’re pissed off and won’t stand for this putrid display of football anymore.

(***)Though we have stopped spending money at the Linc and would NEVER buy merchandise from an official Eagles store/outlet.

So we’re turning the floor over to you, Fire The Walrus Nation…. What can we do collectively as fans to stick it to The Billionaire and show him that he MUST fire Andy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

In the meantime, we’re going to consume high quantities of Advil and try hard to repress the urge to go to the zoo and punch a walrus in the face. More to come.

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