NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: Eagles Sack Babin!

Merry early-Christmas, Eagles fans!

Mere hours after we lambasted Andy for not making a single change or holding any of his players accountable for being lethargic, overpaid crybabies, the Eagles announced that they have released two-time Pro Bowl Defensive End and all-around piece of shit, Jason Babin!

This comes less than a year after Babin threatened Reggie White’s Eagles single-season sack record and less than a month after Babin took offense to fans taking offense to his play. Babin, much like every other member of the team’s Defense not named DeMeco Ryans, has been atrocious all season, so this really doesn’t come as a surprise.

We can’t stress enough how much disdain we have for “Bro Douché” Babin. We were furious last year when he was mentioned in the same breath as Reggie and we wished him bodily harm when he called out fans this year. He is completely useless against the run and fell off so badly as a pass rushing force that team’s stopped double-teaming him.

Babin epitomized everything that is awful and wrong with this current Eagles team, so to watch him leave in such spectacular fashion is a pleasure(*)! Meanwhile, Babin’s departure opens the door for rookie end Vinny Curry, who looked really good last night in his first playing time of the season.

(*)Man, being this excited over a player getting cut is a testament to just how awful this Eagles team truly is…

So, is this Andy’s last ditch effort at appearing to be a leader? Perhaps. Is this just the first domino to drop, in what will surely be a complete roster and coaching staff overhaul? You bet!

Now that his biggest cheerleader and the poster boy for his idiotic scheme is finally gone, it looks like Defensive Line Coach Jim Washburn’s time in Philly is also over. Thank Buddy! May we never have to talk about the Wide-9 ever again!

And all of a sudden, some of the anger we felt earlier today has begun to subside. Slightly.

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