NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS: Fredo’s Fiancée Versus Eagles Fans

Let us preface this post by saying that we do not condone picking on women, children or family members of anyone, let alone a football player. If you have a problem with somebody, you take it up with that person… not their loved ones.

We typically hate stories of fans doing mean things to athletes’ families(*). The idiot Yankee fans who spit/threw beer on Cliff Lee’s wife and other Rangers’ players come to mind(**). Or stories about Boston Bruins’ fans being unrelenting to the families of opposing players. Or our own city’s fans being nasty to the wives of players from other cities. There are countless tales of these incidents, and almost always, they are in bad taste and reflect poorly on entire fanbases.

(*)Unless it involves a member of the Kardashian family…

(**)Though thank you for ruining New York for the Lee’s!

So, while we’re not at all shocked by the reports coming out (and flooding our inbox) of Casey Fredo Matthews complaining about Eagles fans harassing his fiancée until she cried, it is slightly embarrassing. But we also kind of have this reaction:


Again, we could never condone berating, heckling, yelling at, cursing at, spitting on or throwing objects/liquids on the loved ones of any professional athlete – or anyone, for that matter. But – and yes offense to Fredo – he sort of asked for it. Not because of his play on the field, mind you… but for the fact that he decided to take out his frustration with himself/the season/fans on the fans. You’re a professional athlete. You don’t talk shit on the fans that pay to watch you REPRESENT THEIR CITY.

Here’s what Fredo had to say on the matter:

“They harassed [them] and made my fiancée cry. It’s tough. It’s frustrating. That’s just how they are here. If you win they love you, so I guess we’ve just got to turn things around and just start winning again.”

Well, at least he’s starting to “understand” us.

So while we look down on the fans that made soon-to-be Mrs. Fredo cry, we still like to believe that the real reason for her tears was watching her long-haired, easily-frustrated bust of a fiancée suck at football and waste away on the bench.

Here’s to the happy couple… We hope that she’s at least competent at her profession!

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